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If you're looking for performance and high quality, Advantage Suspension Pty Ltd is your best choice!

Advantage Suspension Pty Ltd is a broad spectrum vehicle parts provider. An experienced team and a tradition of quality work make us the best source for vehicle parts in Moorabbin.

With expertise in distribution and set-up, we fully guarantee all our vehicle parts. Take a look at our products or feel free to visit us at our conveniently located shop.

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We carry a wide range of high quality, competitively priced, reliable vehicle parts. Whatever the vehicle, our guarantee is the same: enhanced performance and improved reliability.

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Whatever the vehicle part, whatever the brand, we’ve got it! 

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Advantage Suspension Pty Ltd is made up of a team of professionals in the distribution, set up and repair of vehicle parts. Our expertise ensures the quality of all our vehicle parts. We don’t compromise. Our mission is to deliver best value, always!